Monday, June 28, 2010

the UnFancy

Large crowds gathered on a steamy Sunday to visit the forth annual UnFancy Food Show at The Bell House in Brooklyn. It was great to have another venue where small artisanal vendors can gather and chat with local foodies as well as buyers from across the US, who are interested in our small food businesses.
Cheshire Canning was excited to participate in this amazing annual event and was happy to receive a lovely response for both its signature HoneyHeat ‘Sauce’ as well as our new Bread & Butter Pickles… that will soon have a little kick of heat.
Thanks to Annaliese for organizing as well and Brooklyn Brewery, who kept us hydrated with it’s tasty beer!
Music, food and beer made it more then just a food show… Cheers until next year!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

PUCKER UP for Cheshire Canning’s Pickles!

Just in time for summers pulled pork sandwiches and hot weather bbq’s, Cheshire Canning introduces our newest launch SweetHeat Picklescrisp and spicy bread & butter pickles.

Like our HoneyHeat ‘Sauce’, which is made from the freshest produce of the finger lakes, our SweetHeat Pickles are a wonderful compliment to any of your summer dishes or even on its own. Please look out from them at the upcoming markets this month.

A bit more about HoneyHeat 'Sauce'

Cheshire Canning’s mission is to deliver a superior-quality product that promises freshness and local ingredients to the savvy and tasteful consumer. Part of our uniqueness lies in the company’s devotion to partnering with local businesses in the Finger Lake region. Our HoneyHeat ‘Sauce’ incorporates the sweetness of honey in a spicy tomato-based condiment. This multi-tasking product can be employed countless ways - as a dip with nachos, a sauce on rice, a spread with bread and cheese and a compliment to your favorite bbq.